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World-Class Seminar: The History of Redemption Singapore Conference
 글쓴이 : 관리자

World-Class Seminar: The History of

Redemption Singapore Conference

The first History of Redemption seminar held by HORA took place in Singapore on December 10,

2016. The scene of the conference was broadcasted live on Youtube all over the world which allowed

people, including the Pyungkang saints, to view it live. The conference was held in English, the of-

ficial international language, with the theme, “Jesus Christ’s Genealogy from Adam to Christ.” We

interviewed Rev. Samuel Kim, from Singapore Zion Church, and Rev. Andrew Pak, from New York

Evergreen Presbyterian Church, who prepared this conference.

What is HORA?

HORA is an acronym for “the History Of Redemption for All nations.” It’s an or-

ganization that works to spread the History of Redemption series all over the world.

After the publishment of the English version of the first book of the History of

Redemption series, The Genesis Genealogies, Rev. Abraham Park said that we had

to do global missions work with this book, and that we needed to create a missionary

organization that transcends denomination. That is why the World Missions Presby-

terian Church (WMPC) was established. In December of 2015 it was reorganized

into HORA Ministries, an interdenominational ministry organization. What we

emphasized the most in HORA is spreading the History of Redemption series all

around the world. As a result, we focus on translating, introducing and selling the

books, holding international seminars, and dispatching lecturers. It is our goal to lead

people who attended the seminar to purchase and read the History of Redemption


What is the significance of the conference that was held this past December?

This was the launching conference of HORA. Our plan is to have a large-scale con-

ference every year around the world and decided that we would start in Singapore.

The official title of the event was “World-Class Seminar: The History of Redemption

Singapore Conference.” We created a homepage beforehand and required advanced

reservations with a fee of $15. During the introduction of the conference, Rev. Sam-

uel Kim explained the flow of the the History of Redemption series, from first to the

ninth book, and introduced the author. He made that connection to the books and

not let it end with only listening to the lectures. Many people actually purchased the

books after the conference.

Last January, we had decided to hold the first conference in Singapore, and planning

that with faith, the church in Singapore reserved the Raffles City Convention Centre

that could hold up to 900 people. The problem was how a church with 100 people

could gather a crowd of nine hundred. One individual listened to a sermon during

Wednesday Service at Singapore Zion Church, and gathered many other church

leaders, saying the Word given at this church was one many people needed to hear.

It turned out that person had many connections in the religious circles of Singapore.

After that, we established the History of Redemption Academy for Laymen, had

workshops with other leaders of large churches, held lectures at YMCA, and visited

theological seminaries, and the Word of redemptive history started to spread out in

the religious circles of Singapore. The conference held in December was the climax

of spreading the Word of redemptive history in Singapore. Only 20% of the popula-

tion in Singapore is Christian, but a thousand people came that day, which means

one Christian from every hundred attended.

We heard that it seemed all their hearts were on fire.

We saw 2,000 twinkling eyes. There was not a single person that left during the four

hour event, which included the 40-minute introduction of the History of Redemp-

tion series and its author, the 1.5 hour lectures each by Rev. Paul Kim from Green

Hill Church in Orlando and by Rev. Philip Lee. After the conference we were flood-

ed with responses such as, “It’s the first time I’ve been to a conference of this high of

a quality and scale,” “How can we learn more?” “Please come to our church to teach

our leaders.” Many of the third, fourth, and fifth books of the History of Redemption

series were sold after the seminar, as people had already received the first and second

books from our saints, or have already purchased it on their own and studied it.

The saints must have put in a lot of effort and work.

There were only 200 people who had registered online, even up to just a month before

the conference. We had such a long way to go. The saints held special dawn services

and participated in 40-day fasting and prayer. The churches in Indonesia, Shanghai

and Malaysia also prayed and fasted. They even came to Singapore to help out with

the event on the day of the conference. We put up advertisements in newspapers

and bus stops and distributed thousands of flyers, running around to the point there

were people in various parts of the city that would say, “I have already received this.”

However, we cannot say we are the ones who did it. The work of the Holy Spirit led

us in each step of the process.

The trumpet of redemptive history is sounding powerfully all over the world, and

nations are coming to gather. The saints of Pyungkang must prepare to greet the

members of Abraham’s family in 2017.

For I know their works and their thoughts; the time is coming to gather all nations

and tongues. And they shall come and see My glory. (Isa 66:18)

Reporter: Myung Seon Kang


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