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"The love of his life was only the Bible and his saints"
 글쓴이 : 관리자

"The love of his life was only the Bible

and his saints"

Mrs. Kap Sik Min, wife of Rev. Abraham Park

In all ages and countries, numerous men in power have had to face a terrible end because of their families or closest associates. There is no need to mention former presidents. This is also very common in Christian circles in Korea. Numerous churches have faced dissension because wives of pastors had seized authority hidden from the eyes of others. Rev. Abraham Park always said, “The pastors of our church do not even know what my wife looks like.” Because he kept his spouse and three sons from handling matters of the church, Pyungkang Cheil Church developed into a healthy community of faith with little noise from the founding pastor’s family. Not only that, Rev. Abraham Park always lived a life of the Word and of prayer, considering the church as his home and the congregation as his family. While the congregation continued to grow through this father-like pastor, the family members of the founding pastor made their sacrifices in silence. Without their years of enduring hardships, Rev. Abraham Park’s great ministry could not have existed, nor would Pyungkang Cheil Church and its congregation exist today.

For this year of 2017, in celebration of the 60th year of Huisun Rev. Abraham Park’s holy ministry and the 10th year since the first publication of the History of Redemption series, True Peace Magazine has planned a special interview series in collaboration with the Huisun Memorial Foundation and PCN (the Pyungkang Christian Network), starting with the wife of Rev. Abraham Park, Mrs. Kap Sik Min.

Due to the length and page constraints of this month’s issue, the interview in its entirety will be included in the February issue of True Peace. Printed below is a small portion of the interview where Mrs. Min speaks of her first impression of her husband, Founding Pastor Rev. Abraham Park.

When and where did you meet Rev. Park?

I met him through matchmaking at that time.

What was your first impression of him?

He looked sharp (well-groomed) and seemed intelligent.

What was he like when he was at home?

He just sat at his desk and read. He didn’t go to places with the family. He was so into books and just

prayed. He would be sitting at his desk and reading the Bible the moment he woke up. That was his

work. He must have done all that knowing he’d become a pastor.

What charm did he have as a man?

Charm? Goodness, what charm? What charm would a man who only reads the Bible have?

For starters, he was handsome

Sure, he was OK. And cool too. [laughs]

Interviewer/Reporter, Jun Seok Ho, Editor in Chief


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