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The Grace of God and the Blessing of Pyungkang Cheil Church
 글쓴이 : 관리자

The Grace of God and the Blessing of

Pyungkang Cheil Church

Isaiah 54:1-6

Isaiah chapter 52 speaks of the presence of salvation, chapter 53 speaks of the fulfillment of salvation, and chapter 54 speaks of the blessing and the glorious birth of the church as a result of the fulfillment of salvation. In other words, Isaiah chapter 52 talks about the coming of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, into this world, called “election.” Chapter 53 talks about Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, called “suffering.” Chapter 54 prophesies of the New Testament’s era of the movement of the churches as the fruit of redemption resulted from Jesus Christ’s atonement. We must regard these chapters with deep interest and gain understanding. This prophesies of the great Messianic Movement, showing the progress of redemptive history through the historical events that the Israelites will encounter. The glory of Jerusalem, which is Israel, is directly related to the glory of the churches in the era of the New Testament. That is definitely the glory and the blessing of Pyungkang Cheil Church. First, what blessing did Pyungkang Cheil Church receive?

The Blessing of Restoring Relations, In Which God Becomes Israel’s Husband and Israel

Becomes God’s Wife Today’s scripture, Isaiah 54:1, states, “Shout for joy, O barren one, you who have borne no child; Break forth into joyful shouting and cry aloud, you who have not travailed; For the sons of the desolate one will be more numerous Than the sons of the married woman” Here, “barren one who has borne no child” and “one who has not travailed” refer to those who have never experienced the pangs of childbirth. That refers to the chosen people of Israel who were afflicted during the Babylonian captivity. “The desolate one” and “the sons of the desolate one” refer to Israel whose relationship with God was severed. Isaiah 54:5 states, “or your husband is your Maker, Whose name is the Lord of hosts; And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel, Who is called the God of all the earth.” This indicates that God is Israel’s husband and Israel is God’s wife. Israel was in marital relations with God. However, they were forsaken by God and shamefully became widows (Isa 54:4). As a consequence of Israel’s iniquities, they were abandoned by God and taken captive to the land of Babylon and suffered inexplicable and terrible oppression for 70 years. This is like the parable of the widow, who was forsaken by her husband and had borne no child, spent days of misfortune in solitude all alone. If you sin before God, you will be forsaken by God. God doesn’t accept anyone with sin whether it’s little or great (Rev 20:15). This demonstrates the state of agony in which the Israelites’ transgressions resulted in being forsaken by God and invaded by Babylon, and Jerusalem burned and became a desolate ruin.

Nevertheless, today’s passage declares, “Shout for joy, O barren one, you who have borne no child; Break forth into joyful shouting and cry aloud, you who have not travailed.” This illustrates song that is burst out through shouting in great joy. This refers to all the people shouting out together in joy, because God will tolerate Israel once again and restore His relationship with her. Because God will again become Israel’s Husband and Israel will become God’s wife. This is the great blessing that the New Testament churches of today have received. It is the restoration of the relationship between God and the sinners. Through the intercession of Jesus, the Son of God, we become God’s children and call God “Abba Father.” This is the blessing of the restoration of a new relationship (Rom 8:14-16; Eph 2:13- 22). Like the people of Israel, we of Pyungkang Cheil Church will never be widows. We are not the desolate ones. Please believe firmly that God is our Husband. Please believe that the saints of Pyungkang Cheil Church are the fruitful women who can bear the children of blessing. I pray in the name of the Lord that you may attain understanding through today’s message and give thanks to God in all your life. Furthermore, you may overcome the power of darkness, the power of Satan, and the power of the evil spirits with the powerful Word of His authority and the Word of resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Blessing of the Enlargement of the Church (Isa 54:2)

Without any doubts, I pray before God for a sanctuary that is six times larger than Moriah Sanctuary. Dear saints, please pray. If the building is big, we can catch a lot of fish, and even great big fish. Look ahead in faith with the hope of grace. Do not be satisfied with the present. Give thanks in the present, and the fruit of thanksgiving will truly be a sanctuary that is six times larger than Moriah Sanctuary, just as Isaiah 54:2 prophesies, “Enlarge the place of your tent; Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not; Lengthen your cords And strengthen your pegs.” Please say “Amen” to this Word. The historical meaning of this Word signifies the restoration of Jerusalem after the Israelites’ return from captivity. It tells us that the Israelites will return from their 70 years of Babylonian captivity, reconstruct the ruined temple in Jerusalem, and rebuilt their dwelling tents. It also points out the promise of the blessing that they would restore the temple of God which had fallen. Then its prophetic meaning signifies the holy churches of God to come in the New Testament era. Believe that this refers to Pyungkang Cheil Church. It clearly states that the Israelites, today’s saints of Pyungkang Cheil Church, must enlarge the place of their tents, which is the ground of church. God declares, “Enlarge the place of your tent; Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not; Lengthen your cords and strengthen your pegs.” Such a commandment and promise of God represents the advent of the universal expansion of the churches movement in the New Testament era. It foretells that the movement of Jesus’ church will spread from Jerusalem to Judea, from Judea to Samaria, and from Samaria even to the remotest part of the earth. The very day when the new blessing and the new relationship was restored, God commanded the Israelites in Babylonian captivity to restore Jerusalem. When the new relationship between God and us is established, He will command us to build and expand the house of God, which is the church. Six times bigger than the current Moriah sanctuary! Please believe that. We must dedicate and offer generously, as stated in 1 Chronicles 29:14.

The Blessing of Becoming a Church that Teaches Only the Word of God and Ceaselessly Evangelizes (2 Tim 4:1-2; Acts 2:47; 4:30-31; 5:41-42)

Acts 2:47 states, “praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved.” By the grace and sovereign work of God, the number members in Pyungkang Cheil Church is increasing. Even though you go out to evangelize, it is all by the sovereign work of God’s grace that gives the strength, power, wisdom, and authority of the Word. It is not we who labor. All is by the grace of God (Acts 4:30-31). How can we face God in His kingdom without evangelizing? The first commandment of God is to preach the gospel of Christ’s atonement and the gospel of salvation. The greatest blessing is to evangelize to the many thousands of people who were predestined before the ages. Evangelism is the greatest blessing in all our possessions. Until now we used the excuse that we did not know how to evangelize, but now that you have hearing this message, go out and evangelize. Think of only evangelizing day and night. While preaching the gospel of Jesus, how many of Jesus’ disciples were beaten and imprisoned? Acts 5:40 and onwards record, “And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they kept right on teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.” The ceaseless work of evangelism resulted in the number of the men to be about five thousand (Acts 4:4). The Word of God kept on spreading and the number of the disciples continued to increase greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests were becoming obedient to the faith (Acts 6:7). The Word of the Lord also continued to grow and to be multiplied (Acts 12:24).

Dear saints, please study the Bible. A life of 20 or 30 years without studying the Bible is worthless. When people experience hardships and tribulations in their families or at church, they all leave from embarrassment. Even if it’s possible misunderstandings, they do not stand on the church’s side. They do not defend the church. They become even more evil than unbelievers. Pastors and elders, please study the Bible. Do not stand on ceremony. You must study the Bible in order to gain respect from the saints. You will be able to carry out your duties as pastors and elders. The same principle also applies to cell group leaders, deacons, and elderesses. Those who study the Bible will remain firm while those who do not study the Bible will fall. Studying the Bible is evangelizing to yourself. You must eat the Word of the Bible and study it so that you will gain the power of the Word and lack nothing in all your lives (Acts 19:20). As the flame of the spirit blazes up, it will grow mightily. There are power, authority, and might (Col 1:5-6)

Are the Israelites not also the people who returned from Babylonian captivity? They rebuilt the city. The Word foretells that there will be an increase in number of people, and that there will be an accomplishment of political, economic and military completion. At the same time, it is prophesying the growth and prosperity of the movement of the kingdom of Christ, the coming Messiah. The Word prophecies the blessing of the expansion of the spiritual Israel through Jesus Christ. If the Word prophesies that the spiritual Israelites who confess Jesus Christ as Lord will spread to all directions, and that many people will convert to Christianity through the gospel to achieve the kingdom of Christ, what must be the main role of Pyungkang Cheil Church? First of all, it is evangelism which must be backed by the Word and prayer. Please love the church and study the Word of God, whether you are at home or at church. We must listen to the Word of God in order to live (Rom 10:17). How can we have faith without hearing the Word of God? If the gospel is not proclaimed, who would believe? (Rom 1:14-17; 10:14-15) Pyungkang Cheil Church can live only through evangelism. Through evangelism, we can gather and unite and become one in mind. Through evangelism, the earth will shake. The work of the Word will take place. Only then, you will receive blessings of great prosperity in each individual, household and business. Your body and soul will regain health.

My beloved saints! Prophet Isaiah’s inspirational prophecies have been all fulfilled. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been spreading from Jerusalem to Judah, from Judah to Samaria, and from Samaria to the ends of the earth for over 2,000 years. During these years, the people who have been saved have formed a blessed paradise. Every day, all over the world, those appointed to eternal life begin to believe in Jesus and rejoice in the salvation of their households, neighbors and homelands, bearing fruits of salvation (Acts 13:48; 2 Thess 1:12). Dear Saints! You are the disciples of Jesus. You are Christians who believe in Jesus. Now, as the descendants of Christ, you will spread to all the corners of the world, and wherever you go darkness will retreat. Desolate minds and barren lands are converted to habitable homes of beautiful, precious and wonderful minds and full of blessings. Therefore, our church movements in the New Testament era are regionally universal and ethnically global.

My beloved saints of Pyungkang! The people of Israel and the glory of Jerusalem speaks of the blessings and glory of Pyungkang Cheil Church. God greatly values the death of His saints. Why? As His covenant is of blood and worship, God our Father is searching for those who come forth to church, searching for Him with all their heart, all their soul and all their mind and worship Him in spirit and truth. God is most pleased with these people. Today, you are the sons God is most pleased with and sons God loves the most (Exod 24:3-8; Ps 50:4; John 4:23-24; Ps 116:15;30:4; 97:2; 52:9; 49:9; 54:6). Aren’t the blessings of Pyungkang Cheil Church accomplished just as Isaiah had prophesied? This applies to all the reformed churches. Pyungkang is a church in a new relationship with God, inseparable from His love (Rom 8:31-38). Pyungkang is never a woman who is alone. She can never be a widow. Our church is not a miserable and poor widow who cannot reproduce or fail to bear a child. Our church is the new bride for eternity, in a new relationship with our bridegroom, Jesus. Furthermore, we are more than just brides, but wives of Christ (Rev 19:7-8).

My beloved saints! God has ordered us to expand the church, your dwelling that you must never leave. God is promising us that He will expand our spiritual tabernacle. Have faith in this. God has given Pyungkang Cheil Church the tent curtains to stretch wide and the cords to lengthen. God has given us faith to firmly drive the stake of the cross in ground. Why are you tossed here and there without faith? Please stand firmly on the Word of God. People who stand firmly on the Word of God do not stagger. We must live according to 1 Corinthians 15:57-58. My beloved saints! God has given our church this great blessing, so we must not miss this chance or be unable to receive it or handle it. Why has God given us such a great blessing? It is for the worldwide mission that Pyungkang Cheil Church must accomplish. God gave us this vision of a new, large, splendid and holy church in order for us to spread abroad to the right and to the left, for us and our descendants to possess nations and for us to resettle the desolate cities (Isa 54:3). Our saints of Pyungkang spreading abroad to the right and to the left signifies that our descendants will be covering a wider area. Our descendants possessing a nation implies the blessing of our saints becoming the heads in every field. Resettling the desolate cities signifies the Word for worldwide mission.

Dear saints, I am testifying to you of the Word, with the belief and hope and faith in the prophesies of the prophet Isaiah. The promise of God is certain. It is crystal clear. God showed us the vision of the new temple and the seminary and missionaries, giving certain and clear signs that God will send more children to us. My beloved saints! Here in Pyungkang Cheil Church, we have received the promise of the universal missionary movement that will spread to the end of the earth. Now, as brides of Jesus Christ, we must conceive, bear and give birth to many spiritual children. Therefore, we must nurture them in the new tabernacle, the very big and large house. The church must not become like a lonely woman or a woman who cannot bear children. The church must be the mother of life, serving Jesus Christ as her eternal Husband. We must give birth to and nurture many children in God’s new house and send them out to the world for worldwide missions, where God is calling. Saints! You are God’s tools and stage for missions. Therefore, you must become martyrs, ready to fight fiercely with cannonballs of the Gospel according to God’s will. Please be victorious! May you all complete the mission of evangelism until the very end. May you all live only for Jesus! Thank you.

Sermon of Rev. Abraham Park on Nov. 1st, 1995 during Wednesday Service


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