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Messages of Thanksgiving, 2016 - The Record of Redemptive History from Churches Around the World
 글쓴이 : 관리자

The History of Redemption Moves Forward Without a Moment’s Rest

Messages of Thanksgiving, 2016 - The Record of Redemptive History from Churches Around the World

As the year draws to an end, True Peace Magazine requested from Pyungkang’s international churches to share their reflections of this past year. The following are the messages of thanksgiving and closure that were received before the deadline.

Tokyo, Japan / Grace Church (Pastor Tae Jin Kang)

2016 was a year of beginnings. The first History of Redemption seminar took place in Tokyo. Many Japanese and Korean ministers and missionaries attended and learned the Word of redemptive history. Despite many misunderstandings, doubts and obstacles, many people attended. This became a starting point in spreading God’s Word of redemptive history to Japan. In particular, the deaf who were thirsty for the Word received much grace. The first and second books in the History of Redemption series, as well as the illustrated book, The Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant, have all been published followed by incredible positive feedback. We are grateful that seminars with the illustrated book can be held all over the nation for the Nazareth Church of Japan. Our congregation is small, but we were able to experience that through prayer and preparing in faith, God provides for all things, including the predestined souls. Japan is a desolate and spiritual wasteland, but if you look at it from another perspective, it is also a land full of treasure, like how Rev. Philip Lee said during the seminar. Regardless of the many difficulties, we were able to hold two seminars, in the spring and fall, with the active support of C-MoRH (Center for the Movement of Redemptive History) and the prayer and cooperation of the saints. We are praying that the boundary of redemptive history will spread from Hokkaido to Okinawa this coming year. We believe that many souls in this nation will return to the Father after repenting through the Word, and that the kingdom of God on this earth will arrive when we remember and pray for the souls of Japan and the ministry here.

Osaka, Japan / Paradise Church (Pastor Jong Geun Lee)

2016 marks the fifth year in holding the History of Redemption seminar in Osaka and the tenth year of moving to a new sanctuary. It is very difficult to hold seminars in Japan where Christians do not make up even 1% of the population. If feedback after the seminars increases as the years pass, it would help us hold seminars with joy. However, the theological sense of superiority, biblical ignorance, and indifference resulting from Japanese ministers’ attempts to secure their own territory proved as great obstacles in holding seminars. Despite this, the entire congregation worked hard to hold the seminars, looking forward to the day that "nations will come dancing and running to the Word of redemptive history." Year after year, seminars were followed by unspeakable regret. But 2016 opened up new chapters in the movement of redemptive history in Japan. Seminars held in Tokyo and Osaka were like sprouts of hope that brought about an end to a long winter.

On November 19th, youths from Pyungkang Cheil Church attended the History of Redemption seminar in Osaka. They volunteered with the seminar and brought offerings to fund the sales of the illustrated book, The Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant. Because the Japanese-translated books were published in a small number of issues, each book cost 40,000 Won. People were burdened by this cost and had to be satisfied with the Korean book sold at 15,000 Won. With the offering from the youth group, we were able to sell it for 25,000 Won, and the joy of the Japanese saints who received the books is still fresh in my memory.

The History of Redemption seminars are being held all over the world, with branch churches marching in the frontline for the movement of the history of redemption. We are all struggling for victory in our own ways, holding on and looking to the day the Word will be fulfilled. It is now time to move forth onto victory and not merely struggle to maintain.

There are large churches and small churches, churches in America and churches in Asia, but we are all workers and brothers in the history of redemption, running forward in hope of the day that "all nations will come dancing and running to the Word of redemptive history."

Chicago, USA / True Path Presbyterian Church (Pastor Kim Young Joo Kim)

Although the year 2016 was full of difficult and discouraging times for the church, I look back at it now and see that it was a year of God's great blessings and comfort. Although our church is small, God ordinated two elders and two eldresses and provided a firm foundation for us to work together. Dr. Shin Taek Kang, world-renown authority on the Sumerian language (root of Hebrew), and his wife paid us a short visit and comforted us with the Word. I cannot help but give thanks for the opportunity to hold worship service with the Pyungkang family members that visited Chicago, as well as for the grace of God that poured out on us continuously. Although we have not yet been able to hold a History of Redemption seminar, we took the time to organize the content from books one through nine by God's grace. We also introduced the Word of redemptive history at a small gathering of seven to eight people through a youth member in college. When we heard the news that they realized how precious and important the Word of God is, we were assured that God is working. These things may seem small and insignificant, but they were a great source of strength for us and helped us resolve to work harder.

Washington D.C., USA / Living Water Church (Pastor Min Jeong Jae)

2016 was the year we that prayed more fervently than before. Our hearts were heavy even as we prayed, but we have hope because we know that people who are under the covenant will not fall to ruin. We firmly believe that there is victory at the end of prayer.

There were three large events in Living Water Church. First, there was the third Senior Pastor Inauguration Service (Rev. Jeong Jae Min) on January 10th. Standing on the foundation laid by Rev. Caleb Ahn (first senior pastor) and Rev. Joseph Kim (2nd senior pastor), the inauguration of a new pastor was a meaningful start to the new year that also marked the 14th year of our establishment. Second was the Initiation Thanksgiving Service. The church had been established in the state of Maryland but moved to Fairfax, Virginia. We moved into a building in Ivy Christian College, which is associated with Berit Theological Seminary, so it gave us a good opportunity to spread the Word of redemptive history to the nearby residents and seminaries. Also, the seminars on The Genesis Genealogies and The Forgotten Encounter held in April and November was a great success with 250 attendees. All the members of Living Water Church in Washington are very proud to be a part of Pyungkang Cheil Church. Please continue to grow in the Word of redemptive history, becoming one with love.

Jakarta, Indonesia / Mount Zion Church (Pastor Doo Hee Yoon)

I would like to give a report of the History of Redemption seminars that were held in Indonesia in 2016.

On April 7-9, we invited Rev. Sim Il Kwang of China to hold a seminar in Mandarin with the request of Rev. Faith Tong, the founder of a prayer school named Rainbow of Love (Pelangi Kasih). Rev. Faith Tong stated that the seminar changed his perspective on the Bible.

On April 21-22, a seminar held in Metro Lampung was attended by pastors in South Sumatra. Rev. Tarmadi of a church named GPPS Metro said he was always interested in the genealogy of Genesis chapter 5, but received deep insight through the seminar and became sure that the Bible is truly the definite proof of the Word of God.

On May 24th, a seminar in the city of Tulungagung in the island of east Java was attended by 150 pastors who all came with different views and from different denominations but were united as one under redemptive history. Pastors in the deep mountains of eastern Java travelled five hours to attend.

On June 18th, Rev. Philip Lee came to Mount Zion Church and held a seminar on the sixth book.

On July 18-19, the seminar in Toraja, the island of Sumatra, took place at the local assembly with the support of the Toraja governor. This was the first seminar to be held by a government office, and religious teachers from elementary to high schools attended to listen to the 10 lectures that covered the first three books. One teacher stated that these lectures and the books will be very helpful in teaching at the school. This seminar had 400 attendees and sold over 500 books, being broadcasted locally.

On November 15th, 332 pastors attended the second seminar for the Indonesian Salvation Army that took place in Palu. The Salvation Army is a church known to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all corners of Indonesia. Rev. Doo Hee Yoon and Evangelists Yudie Lengkong and Allen Widjaja taught from the third and fourth book. After the seminar, we introduced the books on the live Cakrawala Radio show, a Christian radio channel. It is said that Christians living deep within the mountains with no television are able to receive information through the radio.

We request the prayers of the Pyungkang congregation so that the Word of redemptive history can be spread to all corners of Indonesia.

Singapore / Zion Eternal Covenant Church (Eldress Magdalene Ong)

Zion Eternal Covenant Church in Singapore is about six months old with few people. Visiting pastor Rev. Hong fed us well with the Father’s Word, coupled with encouragement and blessings. We now have three new members and the first thing they said was, "When you are cleaning the church, call me." We were moved to tears. Not long before this, we heard Rev. Philip Lee say his sermon to not worry, for God will raise the workers/members. We responded with “Amen.” Against all odds, we were able to hold workshops and seminars in three different cities, and all the attendees embraced The Genesis Genealogies. God’s timing is impeccable whether the situation is negative or positive. We are seeing all the negative turning into good. We are experiencing redemptive history at work.

Arkansas, USA / Bethesda Church (Pastor John Dabney)

2016 was a year where many doors of evangelism opened. Our church has been involved in our local Ministers Alliance, teaching the Word of redemptive history with other ministers from several countries and the response was overwhelmingly positive. I often receive requests from ministers in other areas to send our evangelists to teach the Bible to their congregations. One of the pastors of a local Baptist Church told me that since we have been teaching the Bible in the Minister's Alliance, he feels like his soul has been awakened.

These days, Christianity and church teachings have become so watered down that it is almost indistinguishable from most worldly and humanistic philosophies. In the beginning, we had to go out and convince people to take the history of redemption books only to be responded with silence. But today, people now come to us and ask where they can obtain these books. It is truly like Rev. Abraham Park said, "The nations will come to us." We are waiting eagerly for books six, seven, eight, and nine to be translated into English.

Shanghai, China / New Covenant Church (Pastor Yaohan Elnitiarta)

2016 was a year filled with surprises. When there were downs, God poured out His amazing grace to lift us back up. He continues to open doors and send help from unexpected places. We had been praying to hold a seminar this year and became nervous upon realizing that we would probably not have one. But amazingly in October, a church member from Beijing White Stone Church came to Shanghai and for two months she brought her colleagues to our church where they all studied the Word of redemptive history. Though we were unable to have a seminar this year, we felt that this was better than just having a single seminar. Truly this was not from our own ability or power. God sent them to us and allowed us to teach the Word of redemptive history to them. Though their time in Shanghai will soon come to an end, we believe that even them leaving Shanghai is according to God's providence. As they return to their hometowns in different parts of China, we have faith that they will spread the Word of redemptive history to their families, pastors and church congregations. To our Pyungkang family, let us always be one in love. May we continue to stay focused on Father's will and spread the Word of redemptive history to all nations.

Beijing, China / White Stone Church (Elder Zhang Qiang)

White Stone Church is a new member of the Pyungkang Cheil Church family. This is the second year since the church was established, and the congregation participates in worship service through the online broadcasting service every week. By God’s grace, White Stone Church and its congregation was able to overcome many adversities in 2016. It has truly become a church that works to spread the Word of the history of redemption. We conduct weekly lecture on redemptive history to spread the Word of the history of salvation in the commercial districts of Beijing. Many pastors, evangelists and saints have gathered and shown great interest and zeal for this Word. We believe that churches of all nations will come to acknowledge the authority of the Word of redemptive history! We believe that will and Word of God will surely be fulfilled. We pray that all members of Pyungkang will be faithful in carrying out the revival of the work of redemptive history and we request prayers of support for White Stone Church to spread the Word of the history of redemption in China. Hallelujah!

New York, USA / Evergreen Presbyterian Church (Pastor Andrew Pak)

Evergreen Presbyterian Church is a church established by Huisun Rev. Abraham Park that places its identity and worth in spreading the Huisun ideology. It continues to strive to achieve the vision of becoming the world mission center in spreading this ideology through the Word of redemptive history. Although the church is small due to the numerous trials it went through, there are no changes in its mission to spread the incomparable Word revealed for the first time in history. In 2016, Evergreen Church has transitioned to become English-based and second generation-focused with Rev. Andrew Pak in the lead. A History of Redemption seminar in English was held for the first time on November 5, 2016 to celebrate the church’s 32nd year of establishment. Twice the number of the congregation attended with various nationalities, which was a first in the history of the New York church. We offer up thanksgiving for the fulfillment of the Word that the church will grow twofold when we become one in love. We are now having official English services every Sunday afternoon. We believe that this will bring about a great spiritual revival not only in New York but all over America, spreading the Word of redemptive history by overcoming all obstacles in generations, cultures and languages. We believe that this will bring forward the day that all nations will come dancing to the Word.

Reporters Myung Sung Kang, Ji Hye Lee


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